Sky Survey was founded with the aim of diminishing risks of working at height. These risks occur mostly during inspections of objects that are difficult to reach due to their hight or unsafe access. Our approach is solution oriented and tailor-made. We first take a broad view of the task at hand and then opt for the safest and cost-effective solution available. This often involves a drone-based aerial inspection.

Types of inspection

Sky Survey carries out visual and thermal inspections of:


  • artefacts including (steel) bridges, railway infrastructure (e.g. bridges, portals, signal poles), woodwork inspections for wood rot
  • industrial constructions such as chimneys, live flare installations, inner walls of kettles, piping work
  • wind turbines (inspection of rotating blades)
  • maritime / offshore installations such as drilling platforms, offshore wind turbines
  • buildings such as church towers, facades, roofs
  • mobile phone masts
  • inspections of ground level structures, such as dikes and other flood defenses, in order to detect weak spots
  • solar panels


Inspection results will give you an objective account of the object at hand and will help you set out a meaningful asset management strategy. We provide both visual (high resolution photography and video registration in full HD or 4k) and thermal inspections.


The regular monitoring of your assets will reduce maintenance costs and helps diminish failure risks, thus preventing a loss of productivity. More importantly: you can keep a close watch on your assets and take action – corrective as well as preventive – where necessary.


Places that are unsafe and difficult to access are particularly suitable for drone inspection. This hugely reduces costs as it is no longer necessary to install scaffolding, enable rope access or rent a crane. Also, the risks of accidents is diminished as working at height can now be avoided. Additional advantages are that in most cases the production process remains uninterrupted and there is no need for closing off roads, railway lines and waterways.

Future developments

Aerial inspection by drones provides for objective images. These may be compared with future images. The next step will involve the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing for software to detect changes and provide for timely alerts. Sky Survey helps along such pioneering developments and is a dedicated partner in innovation.