Traffic flows

Drone surveying is particularly suitable to monitoring traffic flows, counting as well as classifying traffic. We collect data on flow conditions in daily traffic and during special events (crowd management). In compliance with current regulation, we will invest our knowledge, expertise and creativity to help you collect data that can be used to develop traffic demand and supply management plans in a more efficient and cost-effective way.


Traffic counts may be digitised with the help of the newest technologies and our strategic alliances with partners in the field.


If you require a clear overall view – at a suitable distance – of your terrain, aerial survey techniques using a drone may provide an interesting option. To this end, we equip our drones with video and infrared (thermographics) cameras.

Live transmission

In case of operational challenges and risks, a live video transmission – using the camera attached to a drone – may facilitate the decision-making process in a command centre away from the scene. Sky Survey makes use of servers located in the Neterlands, which constitutes an added advantage.

Incident management

Sky Survey provides assistance in the case of incidents. We take on emergency assignments when faulty installations need to be replaced.


If you make use of permanent camera monitoring, a drone can take on monitoring tasks in case of outage for the interval until reparation works is completed. We also provide service contracts with a minimum response time clause.