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Drone mapping, also known as drone surveying, results in a digital height model by combining a series of orthographic photos with the help of high quality photogrammetry software. A digital height model allows for a precise reading from every point of view. At your request we will provide you with a 3-D point cloud, a digital terrain model, volume measurements or solely the data files.


Stockpile measurements, as compared to conventional survey and measurement methods, allow for accurate data collection for the entire surface of the area surveyed. Measurement data are no longer taken randomly and are ready for analysis much quicker.

Volume measurement

Survey measurements by drone are accurate, quick and less expensive. Drone data reports will cover your entire terrain. We will provide you with a digital model, a point cloud and data files. An added option is to do a volume measurement based on the data provided.


The advantages of accurate volume measurement:


  • quantities surveying;
  • measuring volumetrics of material piles (gravel and sand materials);
  • objective decision-making in licensing procedures;
  • enforcement/ inspection;
  • aerial surveying, no need to enter premises;
  • accurately calculating excavation volumes, as part of remediation projects.


By combining a large numbe of photos of an object, specific software can create 3D-images. The exact location of objects (e.g. buildings) can be determined by 3D-modelling.


Highly suitable for:


  • exact positioning and measurement of artefacts and infrastructure objects;
  • a basis for animation films;
  • communication as part of stakeholder management.

Future developments

Surveying techniques include photogrammetry as well als LiDAR. In the near future LiDAR opens up interesting possibilities for even more advanced 3D modelling of landscapes and objects.


Feel free to contact us for expert advice.